Rekey for FREE

"Lost and stolen keys are a problem.

In fact, the financial cost of rekeying mechanical locks is the main reason consumers turn to electronic locking."

Matrix is unique.

Matrix locks can be re-keyed for FREE by simply using your next 'phase' of keys. Your locks will detect your new keys and automatically disable the previous phase of keys. It's that simple.

No Tools.   No Training.   No Cost.   No Delay.   No Risk.

Phasing employs the age-old principle of construction-keying; Builders keys operate during the construction period, which get disabled when the Owners keys are used. A great feature that has been around for 100 years.

Matrix phasing works the same way, except we've redesigned it to allow for multiple changes, allowing for a lifetime of lost and stolen keys.

Generally, all your keys need to be replaced with each phase. If this is a problem, eg, you have large quantities of keys, we can split them into separate phasing groups, eg Motels and hotels can have seperate phasing groups for each room, and the cleaner's master key will continue to operate regardless of what phase each room is up to. Brilliant!

Future phases of keys can be ordered upfront, or as you need them.

Phasing is unique to Matrix, and available with any keying structure; KA, KD, ABC, SK, MK/KD (see "Keying" in our Buying Guides)