Padlocks come in all shapes and sizes... and we have them all.

Already have padlocks? We might be able to supply replacement cylinders. Send us a photo of your existing padlock.


How to choose the right padlock.

Price is obviously a big player in any decision, but here are a few other things to consider...
  • Locking a gate with chain? There's no point having a padlock that far outweighs the chain.
  • Weather-resistance - our house padlock is one of the best. Simple brass workings with stainless shackle.
  • Bolt-cutter resistance - A 9.5mm diameter shackle has 40% more meat than an 8mm diameter shackle.
  • Angle-grinder resistance - unfortunately in this day of battery-powered angle grinders, no chain nor shackle is safe. However there are various ways to protect the shackle from attack.
  • Longevity -
    • On the coast? Definitely stainless shackles.
    • Machinery that vibrates all day? Choose our house padlock, no screws or clips.
    • Dusty environment? You'll want dust covers.
  • Aesthetics - whilst our house padlock doesn't look like anything special, it looks just as ordinary years later. The fancier silver/nickel/chrome plated padlocks look great when you buy them... terrible after they swing into the gate a few times.
  • Simplicity - our house padlock doesn't come with intricate workings like;
    • quick-change shackle
    • changeable key retain/release function
    • easily removable cylinders


Shackle protectors are available for different situations.