Matrix Buying Guides


All pricing is in Australian dollars ($AUD). Australian sales will be assessed GST at the checkout.



Matrix locks and cylinders can be 'keyed' in various ways to suit your access control requirements...


  • 'Keyed Alike' (KA), all your locks will operate on the same key.


  • 'Keyed to Differ' (KD), each lock will operate on different keys.


  • ABC, 3 levels of keys/access, eg, Boss > Managers > Staff   (These access levels are implementable after  installation. Each lock we supply will operate with your A,B & C keys. You can decide later which locks you want to prevent your B & C keys from accessing by turning special programming keys. See our blog post for more information.)


  • 'Master Keyed, and Keyed to Differ' (MK/KD), perfect for motels etc where the cleaner has a master key to access all rooms, and each room has its own individual keys.


  • 'Special Keyed' (SK*), create many different series of keys, and decide exactly which keys should open each lock.


*Prices shown in this store do not include Special Keying (SK) structures. These will be priced on application, but here is a quick guide. Less than 8 different series of keys, add $3 per cylinder and $3 per key. 8 or more different series of keys, add $5 per cylinder and $5 per key.



"How many times can I change my locks for free?"

As standard, we create 5 phases for each client. This is often enough to combat a lifetime of lost & stolen keys. If you do use up all these phases, your locks can be manually rekeyed and you'll have another 5 phases.

If you think 5 phases won't be enough, extra phases can be built into your locks during initial assembly. Add $3.50 per phase, per cylinder.

Certain keying structures will also benefit from having separate phasing groups; where each group can be phased independently. This allows for more lost/stolen/missing keys, and less keys to be replaced each time. Motels are a prime examle of this; each room can be phased independently, without affecting the other rooms or the cleaners 'master key'.


Delivery Times

Cylinders and locks are kept in stock, however each one is assembled-to-order to each customer's specific keys. Therefore dispatch date will depend on quantity of cylinders ordered, and current workload. We currently have an output capacity of ~100 cylinders per day from our Australian factory. We also have an offshore factory with considerably higher output capacity, but of course a bigger lagtime in shipping, and minimum order constraints.

Keys can be delivered first, allowing you time to issue them to keyholders before the locks are installed.

Key orders for existing clients are prioritised, dispatched by next working day. Our Australian output capacity for keys is ~500 per day.


Cylinder / Lock Types

"Are my existing locks compatible with Matrix cylinders?"

Virtually all commercial-quality locks are compatible. If you're unsure just email us a photo of your lock.



We offer full installation services in Tenterfield, Stanthorpe, Warwick, Toowoomba, Casino, Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay, Yamba, Grafton, Armidale, Glen Innes, Inverell, and anywhere in between.

We also have locksmith and installation contractors in many other areas of Australia (and the rest of the world) to provide lock installation services with ongoing local support.

  • $25 per replacement cylinder
  • $30 per replacement lock
  • $55 per new installation
  • plus a travelling fee - POA

Are you interested in becoming an installation contractor? Locksmith and maintenance organisations that pride themselves on effective solutions can contact us directly...

Note - Installation pricing is a general guide and subject to site inspection and final quotation.


Wholesale / Resalers / Bulk Orders

  • Wholesale is available to industries such as Community Housing, Facility Management, Mining accommodation, etc. Minimum order values apply.
  • Resalers receive commission on the original sale, plus ongoing commissions from every key / cylinder / lock that their clients order in the future. Ideal for architects, construction, maintenance, locksmith companies. Generate passive income for the future!
  • Bulk orders are fully assembled off-shore with considerable cost savings. Ideal for cylinder kits for housing providers, where each accommodation has the same type of cylinders / locks.

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