Matrix Vs Locksmith Master Key Systems

Locksmith Master Key Systems Versus Matrix

Lost and Stolen Keys - Locksmiths want to manually rekey locks each time you lose a key. Matrix does this at no charge.

Access Levels - Locksmiths will make you decide your access level structure at quotation time. Matrix ABC lets you set your own master-key access structure after installation is complete.

Cylinder Security - Locksmiths use 6-pin cylinders. Matrix use 7-pin cylinders. Locksmiths might offer you high-end products like Abloy, Kaba, Medeco, or BiLock but unless you need extra protection from highly-trained lock pickers, the only extra feature is the price.

Warranty - Locksmith product warranties vary from 12 months to 5 years. Matrix gives you 15 years of peace-of-mind, ensuring your investment is just that.

Ongoing service - Matrix allows you to easily change on-going service providers, at any time, for whatever reason.

Restricted Keys / Security Keys / Do Not Copy Keys - Controlling unauthorised key duplication is the #1 marketing point for locksmiths, and whilst this is important, it's much further down on our list of features.




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