"Master-Key" What does it mean?

We've all heard the term "master-key system", but it's often misunderstood.

Firstly, it doesn't  mean that all your locks open with one key. That is simply "keyed alike" (KA).

Sometimes it refers to a specially-designed key/lock access structures that allows each key-holder access to their designated locks. But increasingly so, these access structures do not  include an all-mighty "master key" that opens every  lock. And the larger the locking system, the more the all-mightly "master key" becomes irrelevant. Does the CEO really need to carry around such a potential liability?

In small business the term becomes more correct. The owner/boss will carry a master-key to open everything; senior staff might carry another key that opens everything except the boss's office; whilst junior staff carry a key that only works the front door. In our ABC product, the 'A' key is a master key because it opens all your locks. The B & C keys only open some of your locks.

Another correct usage of "master-key" is in hotel / motel scenarios, where each room has different keys and the cleaners carry a master key that operates all rooms.


Matrix Key Systems can provide any of the above, with in-built contingency for lost and stolen keys.

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