As easy as ABC

Matrix ABC makes designing your key/access structure a breeze! The access structure is implemented AFTER installation.


Designing a traditional key/access system can be a massively laborious exercise. It requires;

  • detailed site survey
    • door numbers
    • door descriptions
    • lock types / cylinder types
  • data entry
    • door details
    • key details
    • which keys works each door
  • colaboration
    • access charts detailed by client
    • assessed and approved by supplier
  • specific manufacturing
    • specialised coding structure developed
    • each cylinder marked with specific door number
    • each cylinder assembled to specific coding
    • each cylinder boxed and labelled
    • install specific cylinder to specific door
  • re-visits
    • extra doors go through the same process
    • future doors go through the same process


Matrix ABC dramatically simplifies the above process.

  • Rough head-count of cylinder types, add 10%
  • All cylinders are assembled to operate with A, B & C keys.
  • Install whichever cylinder fits
  • When you're ready, use special programming keys to set the desired access structure of each lock
  • Future additions are easy and cost-effective with the 10% surplus (which didn't really cost anything because ABC is cheaper per cylinder than Special Keying (SK) )
  • If 3 levels of access isn't enough, consider if two different ABC systems would work for you. If not, we can manually add extra levels of keys anyway.

Designing a key/access system is as easy as ABC.

And yes, you also get Matrix phases to combat lost and stolen keys.

Matrix ABC is particularly ideal for new buildings. Architects and construction companies seldom know what keying/access structure will finally be required. Specifying ABC allows flexibility for the future, without the double-handling and double-cost. Matrix also has partners in the architectural hardware game, so we can supply all your lock bodies, door furniture, handles, closers, kick plates, etc at super prices.

Another boon for ABC is the utility-provider market. Telco's and electricity companies are often mass-consumers of padlocks in various keying configurations. With ABC only one stock-line needs to be shelved. The padlocks can be configured as needed, depending on where they are being used.

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