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Matrix is the best locking system in the world. Bar none.

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Do Not Copy - what does it mean?

Many keys are emblazoned with Restricted, Registered, Do Not Copy, Patented, Design Registered, etc, so what does it all mean?

Firstly, it might not mean anything at all! Stamping a standard key with "Do Not Copy" does not mean anything. Your local hardware or shoe repairer will have the keyblanks and is allowed to supply duplicates to anyone.

Proper protection comes when the manufacturer of the keyblanks and key barrels have lodged Intellectual Property (IP) rights. Usually this is not a patent as such, but a 'registered design'. A patent is for how something works, a registered design is for how something looks, and converse...

Yesterday I was in the foyer of an Australian Government building in Sydney. I checked in at the security desk and waited for my escort to arrive.

Access beyond the foyer required going through turnstiles with a proximity RFID card. I noticed the prox cards were required for both entering and exiting... no doubt a serious access control system to monitor staff movements.

My escort arrived, a quick hello and we headed toward the turnstiles, he presented his card to the reader (badged) and went through, then passed his card back for me. This puzzled me and I questioned him why the system allowed this (card passbacks). He told me the whole system was a failure and the sup...

Australian television has recently highlighted a method of bypassing locks, called key-bumping.

Key bumping requires two basic tools. Firstly any key that enters the lock, secondly something to 'bump' it with. The key is filed down so it just touches the pin tumblers, and the subsequent 'bump' serves to seperate the pin stacks allowing the key to turn.

Bumping does work reasonably well in locks with lazy manufacturing tolerances, and in the USA (where bumping fads are real) many of their locks fall into this category. If the pin tumblers are rounded on the ends, this makes bumping much easier. The roundness of the contact area between bottom pin and top pin accentuates...

We've all heard the term "master-key system", but it's often misunderstood.

Firstly, it doesn't  mean that all your locks open with one key. That is simply "keyed alike" (KA).

Sometimes it refers to a specially-designed key/lock access structures that allows each key-holder access to their designated locks. But increasingly so, these access structures do not  include an all-mighty "master key" that opens every  lock. And the larger the locking system, the more the all-mightly "master key" becomes irrelevant. Does the CEO really need to carry around such a potential liability?

In small business the ter...

Looking for a spec to include in your next tender?

  • Lock combination changeable by client, minimum of 5 times.
  • Access level structure must be implementable to each lock by the client, with minimum of 3 access levels.
  • Fail safe & secure – locks operate as normal during complete power failure.
  • Uses Australian standard door preparations

Add these points to your next tender, and we look forward to doing business with you.




Locksmith Master Key Systems Versus Matrix

Lost and Stolen Keys - Locksmiths want to manually rekey locks each time you lose a key. Matrix does this at no charge.

Access Levels - Locksmiths will make you decide your access level structure at quotation time. Matrix ABC lets you set your own master-key access structure after installation is complete.

Cylinder Security - Locksmiths use 6-pin cylinders. Matrix use 7-pin cylinders. Locksmiths might offer you high-end products like Abloy, Kaba, Medeco, or BiLock but unless you need extra protection from highly-trained lock pickers, the only extra feature...

Since 2008 Matrix keys have been a standard 6-pin inline configuration. We are pleased to announce that we have taken delivery of our first 7-pin keys and cylinders.

Not only does this provide more security, it allows 600% more key combinations. It also negates any argument that Matrix phasing reduces the pinning security of a cylinder.

7-pin cylinders are currently available in round and oval styles, which cover about 50% of the Australian market and close to 100% of external commercial doors. 7-pin padlocks are due towards the end of next year.

Our existing 6-pin cylinders and keys are backwards compatible with the new 7-pin products, so the upgrade is seam...

Matrix Key Systems  Versus   RFID (swipe cards, proximity cards, fobs, etc)

Matrix largely solves the problem of rekeying locks, both expense and time, so let's have a look at some other pros and cons of electronic access control.

  • Cost - RFID costs $1000+ per door, Matrix from less than $100.
  • Technology - Yesterday's RFID can be snooped and cloned by school kids with a Jaycar catalogue. Tomorrow, today is yesterday.
  • Security - RFID is single-factor authentication. That's a huge outlay for a security level our banks limit...

Community Housing checklist

  • Fully managed key/lock record system
  • Locks easily changed between tenants
  • Single key access per residence (including screen doors)
  • Communal entries/areas opened by all tenants keys
  • On-site key cabinets for staff access and locked-out tenants
  • Fraction of the price of electronic locking systems



Matrix ABC makes designing your key/access structure a breeze! The access structure is implemented AFTER installation.


Designing a traditional key/access system can be a massively laborious exercise. It requires;

  • detailed site survey
    • door numbers
    • door descriptions
    • lock types / cylinder types
  • data entry

Facility Managers and Community Housing spend countless dollars on changing locks. Some of this outlay is recuperated by passing charges onto tenants.

Imagine still charging tenants for lock rekeying, but now it doesn't cost you anything. Your accounting balance sheet now reflects an asset instead of a liability.

You've just transformed a cost-centre into a profit-centre. Matrix Key Systems is making you money!

Matrix. An asset.✔


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