Welcome to Matrix Key Systems

Mechanical locks with amazing unique advantages...

  • Lost and stolen keys? Re-key all your locks for FREE, instantly, whenever you want!
  • Control who can access where. Access level structures, implemented after  installation.
  • High-security 7-pin keys, bump-proof and superior pick resistance.
  • Comparable in price to locksmith restricted keys & locks, yet incomparable in features & value.

More great features of Matrix...

  • Colour-coded key heads, plus unique markings for simple identification of all your keys
  • High strength, 3mm thick, nickel silver alloy keys
  • Millions of key combinations
  • Full key register – All keys manufactured to factory specs
  • Restricted keyways to control unauthorised key copies
  • Door / Lock / Key access charts. Know exactly which keys open each lock
  • Order extra locks to your existing keys at any time
  • Locks for any application
  • Replacement cylinders for existing locks
  • Keyed-alike, keyed-to-differ, or whatever access structure you need

Matrix is ideal for many industries...

  • Community Housing
  • University Housing
  • Mining Housing
  • Retirement Villages
  • Facility Managers
  • Local councils
  • Utility providers
  • Holiday accommodation - Motels / Hotels / Parks
  • Architect and construction specifications
  • Any business that issues keys to staff